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Growing customer relationships and helping employees be more productive in the digital-first world.

See how Salesforce Customer 360 helps unite every team around your customer.

At Peak360 IT, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in customer expectations

during the pandemic. Even in a post-COVID/COVID safe world, people will still want to continue the digital conveniences that helped us find opportunities in an otherwise challenging time. On top of that, the end of cookies and increased privacy concerns have made first-party data critical for marketing efforts. All of which has forced many companies to rethink their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

For example, a number of retailers are currently struggling to balance

reduced staffing and the need for many more employees to work remotely with increased

requests from customers to get instant resolutions for issues like returns, exchanges, and


The solution in this case—and many others—is a Customer 360 approach.

Salesforce Customer 360 is a way to unite all your teams—marketing, sales, commerce,

service, and IT—on one integrated platform with a single view of your customer, helping you

grow relationships with your customers and your employees.

Your teams can access the information they need to do their best work. This increases

collaboration and alignment among everyone, which leads to more connected, personalized

experiences for your customers and helps you build stronger relationships with them. It also

results in more satisfied employees, who are freed up from repetitive tasks so they can focus on doing their best, and most rewarding, work.

By keeping your team connected on a single, scalable platform, you’ll be able to make real

improvements in every phase of your customer’s journey. Marketing becomes more personal

with the ability to listen to customers and engage with them across multiple channels with

customized messages.

Following up on sales leads becomes faster and easier with tools that

help you manage information, automate processes, and gain insights from real-time analytics.

Ecommerce becomes more effective as you unify data, personalize interactions, and grow

revenue across every channel. Customer service becomes more rewarding as agents gain the

ability to know each customer and resolve issues faster.

Here are some of the most common ways a Customer 360 approach in the Communications industry help our clients achieve their goals:

“Bringing teams together, across locations and departments by connecting

everyone to a shared workspace filled with helpful tools.

Using data to create more relevant marketing messages and delivering them to consumers when they’re most likely to buy.

Automating repetitive customer service agent tasks, freeing them up to help customers when

one-on-one contact is required.”

From what we have seen working with companies large and small across multiple industries, is the common misconception that Customer 360 is only for large companies. While certainly powerful enough to handle the challenges of a major enterprise, Customer 360 is also extremely flexible.

Few would argue about the importance of effective CRM in today’s marketplace. Some

companies see it as a challenge, as they struggle to keep up with customer expectations. But

those companies using Customer 360 are discovering new opportunities in CRM, forming

stronger relationships with their customers than ever before and fostering enduring loyalty.

Learn more about Customer 360 by scheduling a call with us.

By Jon Ewoniuk, Peak360 IT


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