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Frustrated with Your Flaky Salesforce? It's Time to Ditch the Dysfunction!

Listen up, CIO's.  

Is your Salesforce a performance-sucking black hole draining your sales team's morale?

Complex workflows, data that resembles a toddler's finger painting, and user adoption rates that make a ghost town look lively – that's not a recipe for success. That's a recipe for wasting serious dough and falling behind the competition.

Face it, your Salesforce is a liability. 

It should be a sales-generating machine, not a clunky, outdated anchor. But there's a way to ditch this dysfunctional mess and unleash the CRM power you deserve.

Introducing: Salesforce Freedom: The 4-Stage Blitz to CRUSH Your CRM Woes.

This ain't your typical consultant mumbo jumbo. This is a battle plan for dominating your Salesforce.

We're talking:

Stage 1: Brutal Honesty Assessment

We rip the bandaid off. We do a deep dive into your current Salesforce disaster zone. We expose the hidden inefficiencies, the technical debt graveyard, and the data quality nightmare that's holding you back. No sugarcoating, just the raw truth to get you fired up for change.

Stage 2: Strategic Domination Blueprint

Forget generic roadmaps. We craft a laser-focused strategy aligned with your BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOALS. We're talking scalability for explosive growth, clear metrics for tracking progress, and a plan that gets you from Point A (Salesforce Struggle) to Point B (Salesforce Freedom) – faster than a cheetah on Red Bull.

Stage 3: Decimation of the Dysfunction

This is where the magic happens. We annihilate technical debt, streamline workflows with military-grade precision, and implement solutions for squeaky-clean, reliable data.  Your users get a user-friendly interface that's a dream to use, not a nightmare to navigate. Think of it as a complete Salesforce overhaul.

Stage 4: Ongoing Domination

We don't just drop you in the middle of nowhere. We provide ongoing monitoring and optimization to keep your Salesforce running at peak performance. We empower your IT team to manage the system like a well-oiled machine, mitigating future risks and ensuring long-term value.

Salesforce Freedom Means:

  • Sales Efficiency on Nitro: Streamlined workflows and empowered users = more sales, less wasted time.

  • Data-Driven Decisions That Don't Suck: Clean data fuels smart choices that lead to better business outcomes.

  • Cost Savings You Can Actually Brag About: Eliminate technical debt, optimize workflows, and watch your budget smile.

  • Growth You Can Handle: A scalable Salesforce adapts to your success, not the other way around.

  • A Sales Team That Crushes Quotas: A user-friendly system = happy, productive salespeople crushing their goals.

If you are interested to learn more about how you can go from Salesforce being a burden to Salesforce Freedom -> Book a Free Call here.

By: Jon Ewoniuk

Book a Free Call here.

Jon is the Founder | Consultant at Peak360 IT. Peak360 IT helps companies solve technical, resource, and implementation challenges on the Salesforce platform. Founded in 2014, Peak360 IT is a Salesforce SI Partner that specializes in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud - and implementing custom applications and automations on the Salesforce Platform.


With our backgrounds in Software Development, Technology, and Consulting - Peak360 IT has a reputation for developing custom integrations using various technologies, such as MuleSoft, Google Apigee, and other SOA/API frameworks.


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