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Managed Services

Once you have implemented Salesforce, your org needs to be maintained with a proactive approach with emphasis on stability, user adoption, and preventing issues before they happen.


Focus on growing your business, we will handle the rest.

The New Way - A Proactive Approach

Our Managed Service approach focuses on prevention of issues before any “disruption” or problems occur.  We ensure all upgrades and system updates are implemented and that Salesforce is running smoothly.  

DID YOU KNOW?  Salesforce has 3 major releases per year?   We ensure your Salesforce instance is not impacted by the updates, and if it is impacted – we will plan and update the system accordingly before/during the release. 

Do I Need Salesforce Managed Services? 

If you are an IT Manager or Director responsible for the day-to-day support of Salesforce, the following may be signs that Managed Services for Salesforce is a good fit for you:

 - I have Salesforce, but I need advice on best practices, help planning for and understanding new releases, insight into what similar companies are doing in my industry. 

- We have a Salesforce admin, how can we access developers, integration experts, architects, marketing experts, data specialists, and more? 

- I have a long list of stuff to get done, but my team doesn’t have the bandwidth. Can you help roll out a new department, do some iterative project work, and get some quick wins?

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