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No More Tech Headaches

Scale your Salesforce Tech Stack confidently. Our flexible managed services adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring your CRM supports your growth every step of the way.

Peak360 IT Salesforce Partner, Implementation, Support

Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Ditch Tech Debt, Embrace Stability

Tech debt can creep up silently, slowing down your Salesforce and hindering your growth. Our proactive maintenance plans keep your platform agile and efficient, preventing problems before they arise. Stay ahead of the curve with our expertise, so your Salesforce can adapt and evolve with your business

1. System Checkups & Optimization

Regularly scan your Salesforce ecosystem for performance bottlenecks, data inconsistencies, and security vulnerabilities. We'll fine-tune workflows, clean up configurations, and keep your platform running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

2. Security Audits & Updates

Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats with proactive security audits and patch management. We'll monitor your Salesforce for suspicious activity, implement the latest security updates, and keep your valuable data safe from harm.

3. Performance Optimization

Analyze your user workflows and pinpoint areas for improvement. We'll streamline processes, eliminate redundant clicks, and automate repetitive tasks to boost user productivity and save your team valuable time.

4. Upgrades & Feature Retirement

Navigate the complexities of Salesforce's 3x yearly releases with confidence. We'll expertly plan, test, and implement upgrades, minimizing disruption and ensuring your platform stays current with the latest features.




International Data Group (IDG) found that businesses utilizing managed services for their CRM platforms experienced an average ROI of 321% within 24 months.



IDC research found that organizations without proper Salesforce management waste an average of 50% of their Salesforce investment due to underutilization, inefficiencies, and hidden costs.



Gartner estimates that companies lose 5-15% of productivity due to poorly configured or inefficient CRM systems.



A Forrester study found that organizations with effective CRM management achieve 24% faster sales cycles and 12% higher lead conversion rates compared to those without.



Salesforce's 2023 State of Sales report found that 54% of sales reps believe poor data quality negatively impacts their productivity. Managed services can ensure data integrity and improve user experience, leading to happier and more efficient employees.



A Salesforce survey revealed that 74% of users cite Salesforce complexity as a barrier to adoption, leading to decreased user engagement and productivity loss.

  • Think of your admin as a skilled mechanic keeping your car running smoothly. Managed services are like a pit crew, providing proactive maintenance, performance optimization, and expert upgrades to prevent breakdowns and unlock peak performance. While admins handle daily tasks, managed services ensure long-term stability, growth, and strategic alignment with your business goals.

  • While outsourcing involves transferring tasks, managed services are a collaborative partnership. We become an extension of your team, working alongside your admin and stakeholders to understand your unique needs and tailor solutions. We bring proven expertise, best practices, and access to specialized resources, enhancing your internal capabilities and driving transformative results.

  • We offer a flexible, modular approach. You can choose specific services like security audits, data optimization, or custom development, or opt for a comprehensive package for peace of mind. We'll assess your needs and recommend the optimal solution, scaling up or down as your requirements evolve.

  • The cost-benefit equation depends on your needs. Managed services offer predictable monthly fees, eliminating recruitment and training costs. We access economies of scale for tools and resources, saving you money. We also deliver expertise and efficiency, often driving ROI through increased productivity and optimized platform utilization.

  • Absolutely! Our goal is to empower you, not lock you in. We ensure knowledge transfer and provide transition plans to seamlessly empower your internal team if you choose to manage Salesforce in-house. We're happy to be your strategic partner for as long as your needs align, but understand your evolving priorities.

Build, Streamline, and Grow Your Customized Salesforce Path.

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30 day money back guarantee

Unlock Your Salesforce Potential, Risk-Free.


Try our managed services for 30 days.


Not satisfied? We'll issue a full refund, no questions asked. 

Managed Services Plans

Tailored Salesforce managed service plans for every business need. From essential system health checks to proactive problem prevention and cutting-edge innovation, we offer tiered solutions that scale with your Salesforce journey. Find your perfect fit and unlock the full potential of your platform, worry-free.



Starting at $5,000 per month
Minimum 3-month commitment

Next-Level Growth with the Professional Plan


Leave routine behind and embrace a thriving Salesforce that fuels your ambitious goals. We ditch slowdowns and data headaches with continuous optimization, expert data governance, and your personal Salesforce confidante.


Worry-free operations are just the beginning. The Professional Plan is your investment in a Salesforce that powers your success. Focus on your big vision, while we handle the technical heavy lifting.





Starting at $2,500 per month
Minimum 3-month commitment

Peace of Mind for SMBs and Growing Businesses

Our Standard Plan is your worry-free solution for a healthy, secure Salesforce system. We handle the routine maintenance, leaving you free to focus on scaling your business.


Enjoy monthly health checks, proactive security updates, and quick user support, all backed by 24/7 system monitoring and unlimited access to our online resources.


Basically, you get the peace of mind knowing your Salesforce is in expert hands, allowing you to focus on driving growth and chasing those big goals.


Contact for Custom Pricing Options

Minimum 3-month commitment

The Enterprise Plan for High-Performance Orgs

Tailored for large organizations with complex requirements. Provides proactive risk mitigation, custom integrations support, and 24/7 expert assistance.


Proactive risk mitigation, seamless custom integrations, and 24/7 expert guidance at your fingertips – all meticulously tailored to your unique needs. Focus on scaling your ambitions, while we handle the intricate details, driving your success with every click.

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