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3 Hidden Costs of Ignoring Salesforce Tech Debt (and How Managed Services Can Save You)

Do you ever feel like your Salesforce is holding you back? Like workflows are sluggish, customizations add complexity, and reports take eons to generate? If so, you're not alone.

Many companies unknowingly harbor tech debt in their Salesforce instances, leading to hidden costs that eat away at efficiency and growth.

Here are 3 common hidden costs of Salesforce tech debt, and how managed services can help you overcome them:

1. Lost Productivity: Clunky interfaces, buggy customizations, and outdated processes sap time and morale from your team. Each click that navigates a workaround or waits for a slow report steals valuable minutes that could be spent on strategic tasks. Managed services can identify and streamline workflows, saving your team hundreds of hours (and headaches) annually.

2. Security & Compliance Risks: Unpatched vulnerabilities and forgotten configurations create security gaps, leaving your valuable data vulnerable. Maintaining compliance adds another layer of complexity, often demanding expertise beyond your internal resources. Managed services provide proactive security monitoring, automated patch management, and expert guidance on compliance, giving you peace of mind and protecting your business.

3. Unforeseen Downtime: When tech debt builds up, even minor issues can trigger system outages, grinding your operations to a halt. Lost sales, frustrated customers, and damaged reputation are just a few consequences of downtime. Managed services offer 24/7 monitoring and proactive maintenance, ensuring your Salesforce runs smoothly and consistently, minimizing the risk of costly disruptions.

Ignoring Salesforce tech debt is like driving a car with bald tires – you might reach your destination, but it's inefficient and risky. Managed services act as your expert mechanic, identifying and addressing issues before they cause bigger problems, keeping your Salesforce engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Ready to unleash the full potential of your Salesforce and bury tech debt in the past? Contact us today to learn how our managed services can help you achieve:

  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency: Streamlined workflows, faster processes, and a user-friendly system empower your team to thrive.

  • Enhanced Security & Compliance: Protect your data, meet regulations, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your Salesforce is secure.

  • Reduced Downtime & Risk: Get proactive support and prevent issues before they impact your business.

  • Focus on Strategic Growth: Leave the technical heavy lifting to us and focus on driving your business forward.

Don't let tech debt hold you back. Invest in managed services and unlock the true power of your Salesforce.

By: Jon Ewoniuk

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Jon is the Founder | Consultant at Peak360 IT. Peak360 IT helps companies solve technical, resource, and implementation challenges on the Salesforce platform. Founded in 2014, Peak360 IT is a Salesforce SI Partner that specializes in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud - and implementing custom applications and automations on the Salesforce Platform.


With our backgrounds in Software Development, Technology, and Consulting - Peak360 IT has a reputation for developing custom integrations using various technologies, such as MuleSoft, Google Apigee, and other SOA/API frameworks.


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