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Building relationships with the digital-first customer

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you know your customer, humanize every moment, and optimize impact

Personalized marketing is key to building customer relationships. So why aren’t more

brands delivering it?

Customers are less brand loyal than ever and will readily change to companies who provide

them with a better experience. A recent Salesforce survey found that 84% of customers say that being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business. However, they feel that only 34% of companies deliver this kind of experience.

Why is this happening? Because many brands struggle to create a single source of truth for

their customer data, due to siloed systems, legacy tools, and lack of the proper skill sets. If you don’t truly know your customer, it’s impossible to personalize your marketing.

As cookies and third-party identifiers go away, effectively using first-party data is even more

important. At the same time, privacy concerns have made customers more hesitant to provide

their data unless they feel there’s going to be an equitable value exchange in the form of a more personalized, helpful experience.

The solution for many of our clients is Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud brings together all your customer data, including information residing in legacy systems, to create a single source of truth. This allows you to understand the complete picture for each customer and engage with relevancy. You can then humanize every moment, inspiring action and loyalty by personalizing the total customer experience, at scale. And you can optimize impact and efficiency with greater visibility and insight through unified analytics.

Marketing Cloud helps make it easy to orchestrate seamless personalized marketing for your

customers across every step of the journey with composable apps and services, clicks-to-code tools, and a robust ecosystem of ISV and partner apps that are prebuilt and pre-integrated on the platform.

Key reasons companies are moving to Marketing Cloud

Intuitive design

Marketing should be about connecting with customers, not about learning software. With

Marketing Cloud, people of all skill levels can explore and analyze data and use it to connect with customers.

Unified platform

Built on Salesforce’s Growth Platform, Marketing Cloud helps put your marketing, commerce,

service, and sales data to work to unlock powerful business use cases.

Fast, flexible, and scalable

You can move at the speed of your customer with real-time insights and optimize performance with actionable analytics.

Open ecosystem for quick innovation

Marketing Cloud allows you to leverage the power of 8,000 connected apps through

AppExchange, and build on the success of thousands of other users.

Free on-demand learning for all

You can prepare for the future by skilling-up your entire organization through Saleforce’s

Trailhead community.

Governance and security

With more and more people using data daily, it is critical that data and content can be secured, governed, and organized so that people can discover, consume, and create content with confidence. Salesforce takes data security very seriously; it’s their number one value. They utilize some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. And you’ll always be 100 percent in control of all your data.

How to get started

As a Salesforce SI Consulting partner with teams certified in across the Salesforce ecosystem as Architects, Consultants, Analysts that specialize in Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Custom Salesforce Solutions, Peak360 IT can implement Commerce Cloud quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you take customer-centric commerce from a good idea to something that helps your company grow right now.

Contact us at or you can schedule a Free Strategy Call here.

By: Jon Ewoniuk

Jon is the President at Peak360 IT. Peak360 IT helps companies solve technical, resource, and implementation challenges on the Salesforce platform. Founded in 2014, Peak360 IT is a Salesforce SI Partner that specializes in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud - and implementing custom applications and automations on the Salesforce Platform.

With our backgrounds in Software Development, Technology, and Consulting - Peak360 IT has a reputation for developing custom integrations using various technologies, such as MuleSoft, Google Apigee, and other SOA/API frameworks.


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