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Embracing Data and Insights: Transforming Your Company's Path Forward

How Tableau and Salesforce can unlock the full power of your data

You’re collecting data, but are you getting any value from it?

We all know about the importance of data. It’s arguably the most valuable resource shaping the world today. Companies who are more data-driven perform better on key business metrics like revenue growth, customer retention, and profitability. Most organizations have no problem collecting data. But many are challenged to make any sense of it. A McKinsey study of 1,000 global companies with more than $1B in revenue showed that only 8% were really

distinguishing themselves with analytics.

The reason for this problem is simple: most data analytics tools are too complex. Many people

don’t have the technical skills to connect to, and analyze, an organization's data. Which means

that only a small number of people in a company can truly be data-driven—leaving the rest with limited charts and static reports. Even if your people are very data savvy, getting an analysis platform up and running can be daunting. Most are overly complex to set up and difficult to scale.

The solution for many of our clients is Tableau and Salesforce

Tableau is an integrated platform that is easier to start and scale. It’s designed to fit—not

dictate—your data strategy, and adapts to your environment with unmatched flexibility and

choice. People love to use Tableau because it is fast and easy to explore data and discover new insights. Tableau’s industry-leading visual analytics, with AI and machine learning built right in, help you assess the situation and respond quickly.

The full product suite of Tableau provides powerful, intuitive analytics to all users, no matter

where they do their work. From on-prem to the cloud or fully hosted by Tableau, the platform

gives your team the flexibility to fit into your data strategy. Users inside and outside Salesforce CRM can fully leverage data seamlessly.

"Data not used is the same as not having the data at all". - Jon Ewoniuk, President, Peak360 IT

Key reasons why businesses are using Tableau

Intuitive design

Data analysis should be about asking questions, not about learning software. People of all skill levels can explore and analyze data by using visuals and natural language. This allows users to get answers easily and act quickly.

Powerful tools

Tableau helps people to go further with their data exploration and discover insights faster with

built-in smart capabilities and advanced analytical features. Other platforms make you choose

between power or intuitive design, which limits either the number of people you can reach with analytics, or the depth of their analysis.

People learn faster

By letting people explore their data in a fast, iterative way that provides immediate feedback,

users feel more connected to the information. This leads to deeper understanding and better

decisions. And when you pair Tableau’s user experience with industry-leading education and user enablement resources, which ranked #1 by a wide margin according to Gartner, you get an environment that helps people develop their skills, unlock their curiosity, and unleash their creativity using data.

Governance and security

With more and more people using data daily, it is critical that data and content can be secured, governed, and organized so that people can discover, consume, and create content with confidence.

Salesforce takes data security very seriously; it’s their number one value. They utilize some of

the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. And you’ll always be 100

percent in control of all your data.

Integrated platform

Tableau provides a complete and integrated analytics platform with no hidden complexity— which means less risk of project delays or failure from unseen obstacles, like trying to force

interoperability between multiple products.

The Tableau community

Tableau is used by more than 80,000 customers and has been named a market leader by

Gartner for the 8th year in a row. The user community is unmatched in its ability to help people find answers and learn from like-minded data users.

Data versus the great resignation

We all know staffing has been a challenge across industries lately. Often, people leave because they don’t have a sense of purpose and feel frustrated that they can’t make a meaningful contribution. From analysts who need to explore the data deeply, to executives who want a 360 view of their business, to front-line workers and managers that want to get the insights in the context of the tasks they are already doing, the insights delivered by Tableau can help everyone do their job better and get more satisfaction.

The latest numbers on data

According to recent research by McKinsey and Forrester, investing in data analysis is a key

priority for customers focusing on customer retention and growth. They found data- and

insights-driven companies are:

23x more likely to add customers

9x more likely to retain customers 19x more likely to be profitable

1.5x more likely to report revenue growth >10%

Experiencing growth 7x faster than global GDP

To learn more about how Tableau can help drive your business, book a call.

Jon Ewoniuk


Peak360 IT


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