Implementation & Integration

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Companies of all sizes and across all industries are using Salesforce as their CRM and Customer Success Platform.  Having the right team, skill-sets, and knowledge make all the difference in the success or failure of initiatives.

Do you have Salesforce and want to customize it for your business, but do not have in-house Salesforce expertise?  Did you just purchase Salesforce and need help setting it up?  Do you want to know what options you have to support your Salesforce org?  

As a Salesforce Partner for 5 years, we have seen what works and what doesn't when it comes to implementing Salesforce the right way.  Not only do we provide standard Admin support, we have the technical skills across the entire platform.  From custom apex, to lightning web components, to integrations to external applications - we have been there and done that.

QuickStarts for New Salesforce Customers

Our QuickStarts are for Customers that are currently interested in Salesforce and need additional information and insights to make a decision, or for Customers that recently purchased Salesforce and need help with initial setup and configuration.

QuickStarts include:

- Sales Cloud

- Service Cloud

- Pardot

- Custom / Platform

Do you need a demo of Saleforce or help making a decision?

Existing Salesforce Implementations

Companies that use Salesforce quickly realize the power and potential of the platform, and look to automate more business processes and leverage more of the capabilities that Salesforce has to offer.

Driving this need is the new mandate from the connected customer in which 77% say connected processes are very important to winning their business, and customer experience expectations being at an all-time high.

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To successfully implement a solution in Salesforce that powers your business and enables your teams, while providing the customer experience that your customer expects, a 360-degree of your connected customer is what brings it all together.

Even though Salesforce provides value out-of-the-box, it becomes exponentially powerful when business processes become automated, teams are collaborating, and customers have interactions that are connected and contextualized at every turn.