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Architecture & Strategy

Stability, Security, and Scalability are top of mind for all companies regardless of size or industry.  Will Salesforce scale with the demand of new requirements and projects?  Is the data secure?  Are there legacy features that will be disabled or unsupported soon?  Can I accelerate development cycles?  Do we need a governance team? 

Salesforce has Evolved - has Your Business?

Salesforce is no longer a simple, cloud based web page for Sales Teams to submit new Leads to manage and track Opportunities.  Salesforce is now an application framework that goes way beyond basic configurations and simple "point-and-click" features.  

As companies continue to leverage Salesforce and build upon existing features and functionality, they have realized that Salesforce has become much more complex and requires specific skillsets that understand not only Salesforce, but also understand Software Development, Integration, and Enterprise Architectures


In software development, technical debt is the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer. Analogous with monetary debt, if technical debt is not repaid, it can accumulate "interest", making it harder to implement changes. - Wikipedia


Peak360 IT has worked with companies of many sizes, from SMB to Fortune 500 - to apply our Salesforce Best Practice methodology to provide insights to help understand the current state, uncover potential for efficiency and automation, and a roadmap and plan to get to the desired future state with an Saleforce Org Health Strategy.

The Salesforce Assessment analyzes the following 4 areas:

Salesforce Org Health



Salesforce Technical Architects make up only 1% of the overall Salesforce Talent supply, making it difficult for companies to find and hire, not to mention they are more expensive than other less seasoned roles. 

The companies with the biggest budgets are able to attract top talent - while small and mid-size companies forgo these critical roles and hire Salesforce Developers to fill the gap instead.

This may work in the near-term, however it is a recipe for Technical Debt going forward.

Our mission is to support the Salesforce community by filling the needs and gaps in Salesforce Architect and Development support for companies that are growing and need on-demand support to:

✔ Align Salesforce roadmap to business strategy and prioritization.

✔ Ensure implementations adhere to best practices and standards.

✔ Optimize data and Salesforce org integration strategies.

✔ Provide guidance on deploying apps and other customizations.

✔ Help build prototypes for advanced features, product enhancements, and new Salesforce innovations.

✔ Act as your strategic advisor for enterprise architecture.

Ready to get back on track?

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